Atlanta Ski Club 53 Years Young

I always love this time of year!! Time to start shopping for ski trips and dreaming of carving the beautiful lines on the slopes. It might still be 6 months away but imagine the view from the top of the world as you unload the ski lift and begin the first ski run of your adventure. The skis feel a little wobbly, you're a year older and haven't been on the skis in almost 350 days, but you remember it's like riding a bike. Within a few turns the old form comes back and you are carving the slopes with that old familiar skill. Later you drop into a mountain cabin for a bowl of chili and hot chocolate. Ski out the rest of the day, retire to the hot tub to work out the kinks in preparation for tomorrow, pour back a few cold ones with friends, and reminisce about the day's "close calls". Take an evening stroll down the streets of a renovated mining town, eat dinner in a gourmet mountain restaurant, or put your weary bones to bed for one of the greatest nights of mountain sleep you've ever had. All the reasons why we come back to the Atlanta Ski Club year after year.

This year the Atlanta Ski Club is 53 years young and is still going strong. Throughout the years we've skied, literally, all over the world. Europe, South America, Canada, and of course the United States.

Our 53nd year see's a phenomenal lineup of trips. We'll again be traveling all over the world for another fantastic year of skiing. The only thing out of our control is the snow. If you are one of our church going members, don't be afraid to ask the lord for copious amounts of the heavenly powder. If you are more the pagan sort please engage in the snow dance often and vigorously. If neither of these is your cup of tea, then just keep your fingers crossed.

Never been skiing but like what you hear? We are always on the hunt for new members so if you have been thinking about learning how to ski, this is your year. Please feel free to pepper the trips leaders with questions about how you can get started.

Whether you are one of our old regulars, new members, or potential members have a look at our Events page and spend some time shopping. Please join us for our kick off Extravaganza where you can ask questions of trip leaders and meet some of the old guard. I only say old because they've been with the club for many years. In the Atlanta Ski Club, you are forever young.

Warmest regards,

Atlanta Ski Club Team